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⌟ Employee Benefits Services

Let’s realize something up front. Healthcare costs — the underlying costs of providing the healthcare that you desire and demand and not just the cost of the insurance which funds the healthcare costs — are the real culprit for the escalation in health insurance premiums over time.

With underlying healthcare costs running at a rate which exceeds the general inflation rate, those costs drive up the costs of your health insurance plan over time. And, today, with the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, there is more and more emphasis on healthcare and healthcare insurance costs.

Our Unique Employee Benefits Process

SSG has a unique process called the Employee Benefits Analysis and Review (EBAR) which will provide you a means of determining what benefits are right for your company, while determining how to maintain the costs of those plans. This process includes:

  • Employee Benefits Analysis and Review
  • Analysis of present coverage
  • Negotiations with carriers during the review process

Employee Benefits Services

SSG uses our proprietary Employee Benefits Analysis and Review—understanding that business owners have no intention of becoming benefits experts and human resources departments are generally swamped by the demands of providers, regulators, and employees. EBAR will help you determine your alignment objectives, develop the benefits alternatives to meet those objectives, analyze providers for cost and service efficiencies, and guide the implementation of each plan. We will then review the benefits plan annually to determine from a claims analysis if the plan is maintaining its financial integrity.

EBAR Process

  • Effective Benefit Design will enhance the manner that the health insurance plan is perceived by your employees.
  • The Benefit Design will allow you as employer to build into the health insurance plan a means of containing the costs of the health insurance plan by encouraging cost savings on the part of the consumers of the healthcare benefits.
  • The Benefit Design creates the structure to provide what your plan was designed to provide—major medical benefits.
  • Not all plans are created equal—one plan will encourage behavior which will cause the costs of the plan to escalate over time, whereas another plan will discourage that behavior.
  • By directing participants of the plan to use the lower cost versions of the same benefit delivery systems, you can significantly cut the cost of the health insurance plan over time.
  • By effectively eliminating adverse participation from your plan, you can reduce the unit costs of your plan over time.
  • How do they compare in the market place?
  • What are the benefits that employees desire?
  • How do benefits offset claim costs?
  • Claim Costs Analysis
  • Getting claims data from existing carrier
  • What areas are significant cost items?
  • What areas might need addressing?
  • Cost / Benefits / Premiums –Analysis of Claims verses Premium Costs
  • Premium and cost structure
  • Comparison analysis of premium rates with other carriers
  • Apportionment of cost between employer and employee
  • Comparative analysis of other carriers
  • Comparison of benefits
  • Comparison of service
  • Comparison of costs
  • Communication of plan to Employees
  • Negotiation with carriers
  • Negotiation between carriers
  • Review of available benefits
  • Review of the relative cost of those benefits
  • Review of the service provided by the carrier


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Should I consider group health insurance for my business?

A: To comply with the Affordable Care Act and the regulations which have been issued, in most cases it would be good for your business to provide group health benefits.

Q : Do I need group life insurance for my small business?

A: Group life insurance provides an excellent financial tool to employees who might not have coverage otherwise.

Q : How can you compare group health insurance plans?

A: The help of a trained advisor is important who will be able to guide you through the process.

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