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⌟ Wealth Transfer

SSG is able to provide you with a planning roadmap which will allow you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to who will get the benefit of your accumulated wealth and how it will be distributed.

You can determine just how much tax you will pay. There are only three destinations to your wealth accumulation:

  • Your family
  • The IRS
  • Your favorite charities

Our Unique Wealth Transfer Process

  • Establishes your goals and objectives
  • Addresses the problem areas
  • Determines the strategies available to address the problems areas while accomplishing your goals
  • Helps you understand the economics of planning v. not planning

Six Fundamentals to Effective Wealth Transfer

  1. Maintain effective control of your assets throughout your lifetime
  2. Use Valuation Discounting to reduce the Market Value of the Assets you own
  3. Make Lifetime Transfers of assets instead of Transfers upon Death of your assets
  4. Use Tax Advantaged Asset Transfers
  5. Move Appreciating Assets outside of your Taxable Estate
  6. Utilize Charitable Bequests to increase the benefit of Your Wealth to your Heirs and decrease the portion that the IRS would receive in taxes

The Wealth Plan by John Griffin


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Should I contemplate wealth transfer planning if I do not have a taxable estate?

A: Good wealth transfer planning will organize the assets that you have and make it more smooth on your executor to transfer the assets when the time comes.

Q : Why should we use trusts in our wealth transfer planning?

A: First, trusts are simply an entity to be used like a limited liability company or corporation which has particular benefits. First, the trust can protect the assets from creditor and liability claims and spousal issues. In addition there are numerous tax reasons and management reasons for trusts to be used in a wealth transfer plan.

Q : Should I use offshore trusts in my wealth transfer plan?

A: While there are certainly some instances where the use of offshore entities can provide a line of defense for liability purposes, most of those protections can be accomplished by using domestic entities and planning.

Q : Will annual gifts be tax free?

A: As long as they fall under either the annual gift tax exclusion or the lifetime unified credit.

Q : What is the best asset protection strategy?

A: To position your assets in the protective fence of limited liability partnerships and trusts.

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