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With forty years of wealth management and life insurance services experience, we at SSG believe successful wealth management comes down to the following core areas.

  • Wealth Transfer
    Solve legacy issues and secure prosperity for you, your family, and for future generations to come with our proven...
  • Life Insurance
    Enjoy real peace of mind by protecting your family’s financial stability against financial loss through effective life insurance services.
  • Business Transition
    Maximize business wealth, reduce your tax liability, and transfer your wealth to your heirs with our seven-step business transition...
  • Employee Benefits Services
    Our Employee Benefits Analysis and Review (EBAR) service offers business owners with a means to determine the employee benefits...


About Us

Our Philosophy

At SSG, we take pride in our mission to use our long history and skills to help business owners maximize business value, secure prosperity, and protect their wealth; both today and for their future generations.

We believe that successful wealth management comes down to four critical areas of business: wealth transfer, business transition, employee benefits services, and life insurance. In each of these disciplines we follow a unique process to identify obstacles, analyze opportunities and deploy solutions to capture effective results for each of our customer relationships.

John Griffin

Managing Partner, SSG Companies




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Professional Affiliates

As an industry leader, we know the value of strong relationships, which is why we carefully enlist the assistance of trained professionals to round out our advisor team based upon the needs of our customers.


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