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About Us

From our Red River base in Shreveport, Louisiana, we have been helping high net worth individuals and successful business owners across the country protect their wealth and successfully transition out of their businesses since early 1977.

At SSG, our purpose is to help families secure prosperity from generation to generation. Our services focus on four core areas of business:

  • Wealth Transfer,
  • Business Transition,
  • Employee Benefits, and
  • Life Insurance.

In each of these disciplines we follow a unique process to identify obstacles and deploy resources to capture opportunities —all to ensure our clients’ overall financial freedom and stability.

As a member and part owner of Lion Street, an elite group of independent financial services advisors, we take pride in our reputation of being an industry leader with a long history of being at the forefront of providing new and innovative strategic investment products and services within the financial services industry.

Lion Street represents a powerful force of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have set the bar for quality standards and accountability to assure the objective and customer-focused advice throughout the industry. These core objectives enhances the overall knowledge and skill for partnering advisors, which propels them to a higher level of influence and contribute to their success in building strong and lasting relationships with their clients.

Through this dedicated institutional partnership and committed alliances, Lion Street has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners obtain the true value of independence, allowing them to better control the value they deliver to their customers, employees, and the communities they serve.

We welcome your interest in our firm and hope that learning more about us, our services, and what we stand for gives you enough compelling insight and challenging questions to discover what we can do for you. We are here and excited to help you navigate options and solutions for your unique circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Choose Us


For nearly forty-years, we’ve helped businesses and owners protect and maximize their wealth, and we can do the same for you.


As a member and part owner of Lion Street, we have helped define the high standards and accountability protocol that the industry respects and relies on.


John Griffin’s passion for analytical research and superior problem solving skills has been the driving force behind our strategic services approach and overall success.


We are backed by an arsenal of knowledgeable industry professionals with unique skills and abilities to address complex financial issues.


Our People

John Griffin

Managing Partner

Joan Bradford

Employee Benefits Administrator


Professional Affiliates

As an industry leader, we know the value of strong relationships, which is why we carefully enlist the assistance of trained professionals to round out our advisor team based upon the needs of our customers.


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