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Gift of Lifetime Wealth Management Strategy

The Gift of a Lifetime Wealth Management Strategy

  • John Griffin
  • October 25, 2016

SSG Companies’ Gift of Lifetime Wealth Management Strategy Process

  • The Grandparent Donors desire to provide their grandchild with a plan which will provide benefits for years to come
  • The Grandparent Donors wish to utilize their annual gift exclusion in a manner that will provide lasting benefits to their grandchildren
  • The grandparents will utilize the tax-free provisions of a specially designed life insurance contract to provide the benefits which will be discussed

A $28,000 annual gift for 10 years to the SSG Gift of  Lifetime Wealth Management Strategy could potentially provide you with these benefits:

  • The plan will be set up to provide for the educational expenses of the grandchild;
    Pre-Tax Equivalent      Tax-Free Benefit      Income Tax Rate
    $555,556                              $400,000                           28.00%
  • The plan will be set up to provide a retirement pension payout for the grandchild;
    Pre-Tax Equivalent     Tax-Free Benefit      Income Tax Rate
    $4,966,887                      $3,000,000                        39.60%
  • The plan will provide a substantial death benefit which can be utilized by the grandchild in their own planning;
    Pre-Tax Equivalent        Tax-Free Benefit      Income Tax Rate

    $15,038,308                       $9,083,138                        39.60%
  • The overall potential plan benefits provided for the grandchild in their lifetime may be significant;
    Pre-Tax Equivalent        Tax-Free Benefit
    $20,560,751                    $12,483,138

This will provide a gift giving opportunity that can last for the lifetime of the grandchild and can be a legacy asset, which will be kept and utilized throughout the lifetime of the grandchild.

In addition, these assets will be protected from liability claimants, creditors and adversarial ex-spouse due to the asset protection benefits provided in the life insurance policies in most states. In addition, the distributions from the policy are tax-free.